Thursday, November 11, 2010

Press conference PEACE MANIFESTO. Can I Marry Myself? Yes!!

Chez Lodin + Toot Yung Gallery are pleased to invite you to attend Mathieu Ha’s Press Conference during which he will present his Peace Manifesto and the right to marry with himself

Tuesday November 23rd 2010 starting 3.30 Pm at Chez Lodin + Toot Yung.






I, Matthieu Ha, aged 37, a Belgian of French-Vietnamese orign, father of two children born to two different mothers;
I, Matthieu Ha, whole artist (musician, graphic artist, etc);
I, Matthieu Ha, claim the right to marry myself.

This engagement was revealed to me while I was making a series of sketches entitled The Depraved Tortoises of a Chaste Man. The depraved tortoise has a penis in place of a head. She determines her feminine gender in an unidentified tantric act. She is positioned between vice and virtue, between thought and after-thought. It is as if, by magic, I was transformed into these tortoises.
This matter led me to take a vow of chastity for eight months. After analysing the sketches, at the end of the period of chastity, I concluded that I must marry myself.
I must note that many people, including those I’ve consulted in the fields of psychoanalysis and new mathematics, have felt inspired by this idea. As André Malraux said, “The 21st century will be spiritual or will not be at all.”

The modern world nourishes doubts, as much on the level of its space, its chronology and its species, as on the level of its destiny. The explanation/solutions which we are given are often in response to an equation appropriated by the world order: Grenelle-Copenhagen, bank rescues, Afghanisation, Iraqisation, Brusselisation, religion, secularism, art. No longer for cosmic coherence, but rather for consumerist conscience.
People are driven towards a total resignation, losing the legibility of older visions of hope. For some, the hour is ideal for making war, for selling a country and for putting our souls to sleep.
But behind this sombre panorama, there are currents of alternative ideas, arising in the face of the dictates of culture and belief. Among these is marriage with oneself. … not to drown in the reflections of narcissism, but to learn about myself. I marry myself with all sincerity, so that my peace may shine on others.
Marriage with oneself is a contagious act of solidarity, which does no harm to anyone. Marriage with oneself is an act which participates in the civil mechanics of our society.

Marriage with oneself is a new point of departure in the modern world, giving power to the smallest common denominator.
I would like for the ceremony to take place in a church – I am Catholic – and in a town hall in Bangkok. In order to receive the recognition of these institutions on par with traditional marriage, and since this act is not yet officially accepted, I call upon a maximum of witnesses to support my marriage.

The right to marry to myself is a litlle step for the peace and a bigest for the humanity


At this time:

- I consider myself in the Wholeness of Things, while all I am associated with is of advantage to myself.

- I recognise my biography

– past, present, future – as a timeline of one day, the longest day.

- I sublimate the isolation of my being in favour of a rebirth sufficiently individualist to take my destiny in hand with love.

- I renew myself, I reappear, I rub shoulders with myself, I am realised.

- I promise to be faithful to myself for better and for worse.


TEL: 0849145499

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Garden of Eden by Donkajohn Kaweetarapakorn
18 Nov 2010 - 5 jan 2011

Opening reception 18 Nov 2010 at 6.30 Pm.

Exotissimo Gallery

Exotissimo Gallery in collaboration with Toot Yung Gallery is pleased to present “Garden of Eden”, the first solo exhibition of Chiang Mai based artist Donkajohn Kaweetarapakorn. Donkajohn Kaweetarapakorn is a self taught artist. He was born and raised in a rural area of North Thailand before coming to Chiang Mai for his studies. There he met the young Thai artist Sun. with whom he started to engage in the art world. He learned the technique of woodblock print which he has explored for the past two years. He lives in the mountain over Chiang Mai in a paradise like atmosphere where he leads a life in tune with nature and free of constraints of the modern city mores. Donkajohn is in search of a more vital and authentic way of life in which his creativity can evolve freely. With a deeply romantic vision of his art, Donkajohn sought to express the primal and elemental forces of life. His prints, done in an even very thin line, focus mainly on the human figure. The purity and simplicity of the line can be compared to some of the latest drawings and ceramic works by Jean Cocteau, also expressing themes of sexuality and gender as well as more symbolic approaches including stylized figures and animals.

Monday, October 18, 2010

THE VICIOUS TORTOISES of A CHASTE MAN A solo exhibition of Mathieu Ha 29 October 2010 – 10 Dec 2010

A solo exhibition of Mathieu Ha
29 October 2010 – 10 Dec 2010

Toot Yung Gallery
Opening reception and live Syst aime sound performance on
October 29 starting 7pm at Toot Yung Gallery

Matthieu Ha, a 37-year-old Belgian artist of French-Vietnamese origins, is known to be an atypical artist musician and performer. He has traveled the world as a solo performing artist musician and with his music band the iiiiistes. Mathieu Ha does not sing in words but lets the sounds and the music be what they are and carry the meaning. He is a natural improviser, interacting with sounds around him, experimenting with difficult social contexts and using music truly as a means of communication.

The Toot Yung Gallery is proud to present for the first time his visual art work. “The Vicious Tortoises of a Chaste Man” were born from sketches he made in 2010 during an art residence in France. The Vicious tortoises have a penis in place of a head. They determine the feminine gender in an unidentified tantric act. They are positioned between vice and virtue, between thought and after-thought. These drawings were a revelation to Mathieu Ha. It is as if, by magic, he was transformed into these tortoises. This matter led him to take a vow of chastity for eight months. After analysing the sketches, at the end of the period of chastity, he concluded that he must marry himself.

hand made book-silkscreen on paper with leather cover- 2010

Confirming his original attitude, he has called a press conference to claim the right to marry with himself. Matthieu Ha believes that, with the current global spiritual crisis, a marriage with oneself is a solid initiative that can contribute to global peace and advance humanity. The artist will explain the reasons that led him to the decision at a press conference to be held at the BKK ARTHOUSE gallery (21-10-2010 at 6:00 pm) during which he will expose his Bangkok Peace Manifesto.

Mathieu Ha is currently living in Bangkok in view of his big music and arts festival BANGK(zero)k which will take place from 18 to 25 December 2010.

The proceeds of the sale of his works during the show at the Toot Yung Gallery will benefit the Bangk(Zero)K Festival in which international and local musicians, performers, writers and artists will participate. For this occasion the Toot Yung Gallery will propose very accessible art works by Mathieu Ha, transforming the gallery in a concept store.

silkscreen on paper-2010-A3

silkscreen on paper-2010-A3

For further information please contact:

Myrtille Tibayrenc
Toot Yung Gallery
0849145499 -
19 Prchathipatai Rd. Baanphanthom
Khet Phra NakhonBangkok 10200

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sculpture workshop with Artist Haritorn Akarapat Sunday October 17 2010

Under the guidance of Haritorn himself you ll be creating your own clay sculpture and will learn how to cast a plaster mold and plaster copies of the sculpture. For those who are interested another workshop will be held to cast the sculpture in bronze.

The workshop is opened to children and adults. No age limit.

600 thb includes all material + coffee break.

Please be so kind to confirm your presence before Saturday 16 Oct 2010

Myrtille Tibayrenc
Toot Yung II Gallery/ Treetalks restaurant 16/17 Praditmanuutham Rd - Khwaeng Ladprao - Bangkok 10230 Thailand
0849145499 -

works by Haritorn Akarapat

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grand Opening of Toot Yung II Gallery "Over the Rainbow"Opening reception: Friday 8 October 2010 7pm onwards

OVER THE RAINBOW 8 Oct - 8 Dec 2010
an exhibition co-curated by Thaweesak Srithongdee & Myrtille Tibayrenc


The Toot Yung II Gallery is located in the Ramintraa district of Bangkok. This brand new space, designed by Udom Dansakchai aims to promote the young generation of emerging Thai artists and create opportunities for foreign artists to join local exhibitions.

The composition of the space proposes a broad range of alternative showcases. The wide glass gallery was designed facing the large outdoor Tree Talks restaurant from which the exhibition can be entirerly overviewed. Connections are made possible between the outdoor and indoor, with a concert stage, video projection screens and spaces provided for performances, fashion shows and outdoor sculpture.

The gallery plans to hold shows every two months featuring Thai and international artists with established names, as well as emerging artists.


Artists: Alice Seghetti + Boonchai Apintanaphong + Gabriel Camelin + Jean-David Caillouët + Laudine Dubeaux + Montri Toemsombat + Pare Nadda Thanathan + Srisakul Amnuaiporn + Tada Hengsakul + Thawatpon wongboonsir.

Heaven Tour

On the occasion of the grand opening of Toot Yung II gallery,
Exotissimo Travel will generously offer a bus of 50 seats
to travel from the Dusit Thani Hotel to the gallery located in Ramintraa.
Passengers will be asked to be at the Dusit Thani hotel at 6pm on Friday Oct 8 2010.

The bus will be departing at 6.30pm sharp and arriving at the gallery around 7.15pm for the opening.

On the bus, you will enjoy performance by young artist
Pisitakun Kuantalaeng organized by curator Pare Nadda Thanathan.

The ride is free of charge but you have to book your seats BEFORE Oct 7 2010.

To book your bus tickets: Send by E-mail ( Your Name or name of your company and the number of seats needed
You can also book the seats by calling: 0849145499



Alice Seghetti

Alice Seghetti graduated with first-class honour from the Fine Arts Academy, Verona, Italy in 2009. Her Thesis subject: “Mutant Identities in the Cinema of David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Shinya Tsukamoto and Takashi Miike”
plunged her into the imaginary world of grim and fantastic creatures. She is now a young freelance illustrator and painter with work ranges from book/album art to children’s illustration, from comical to horror-macabre artwork. She is also involved in a wide range of visual expressions like Tattoo designs, stop-motion animations and video-art.

Boonchai Apintanaphong

Boonchai Apintanaphong graduated from the faculty of fine arts, Silapakorn University in 1992. He has worked in the video production field for ten years until colaborating with Thai artist Taweesak Sritongdee for a music video. This collaborative experience brought him back to the art world. He has since then had several exhibitions in Bangkok working on the subject of memory. He uses several techniques to express his art: videos, photos, drawings, journals, sculptures and sounds. His very humorous installations invite the viewer to connect to fictions created from the artist s own memories.

Gabriel Camelin

Gabriel Camelin graduated from Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Performing Arts and Film Theory in 2004, he moved to Thailand after his graduation. He first volunteered for 2 years, working for several organizations in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in the fields of volunteer training and HIV/AIDS prevention, helping the local volunteers on video production and photography. Back in Bangkok since 2007, Gabriel Camelin is currently a lecturer in photography, video production and post-production in Silpakorn University International College, Multimedia Design Program. Outside of his teaching hours, he involves most of his time on photography, post-production and vjaying. Since 2008, he has been involved on a dozen of music videos and vjaying performances for local and international bands. He is currently a student in Birmingham City University in Visual Communication focusing on the synesthetic relationships between sound and visuals.

Jean-David Caillouët

Jean-David Caillouët is a sound and film artist based in Bangkok. Mixing the old with the new, his work often combines together various disciplines such as film, music (acoustic & electronic), choreography and poetry in a live performance context.
As a multi-instrumentalist and producer, he has collaborated with artists as varied as the composers Kimho Ip from Hong Kong and Anothai Nitibhon from Thailand, Cape Coast based musician Kwesi Quayson, the Scottish Indie band Aberfeldy and Celtic singer Heather MacLeod. He has performed internationally, playing well respected festivals such as Celtic Connections or the Edinburgh Fringe.
His interest in other cultures’ art and music took him to Cambodia where he collected sounds and traditional music throughout several trips which resulted in the CD “Angkor Journey”which has since been used in several documentaries.
He has produced soundtracks for films, animations, theatre and dance. Some of his collaboration work with choreographer Joanne Fong has been performed in London’s Royal Opera House and the Queen Elizabeth Hall. After studies at Brussels Royal Conservatoire and Dartington College Of Arts in Devon, he completed a PhD in musical composition at Edinburgh University in 2005. He is currently a lecturer in Sound Design, Film and Composition at Silpakorn University, Bangkok.

Laudine Dubeaux

Laudine Dubeaux graduated in master of design from the School of Reims (France) . After obtaining her diploma she moved to Thailand where She has been based for two years. She has developped several projects here, involving design in all its forms. She worked for Semsikka, Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation, on the conception and production of a collection of handicraft products joining the fair trade movement. She also started to illustrate short stories, poetry and book covers for her own stories as well as for Thai writers. She is now working on the Illustrations for a set of 5 books of vietnamese fables in collaboration with the thai writer Kanthorn Aksornnam and just published her latest book cover for Thai writer Sulak Sivaraksa. She has recently opened a Bar/Bookshop & Gallery in Bangkok in collaboration with Thai artists and writers.

Montri Toemsombat

Montri Toemsombat graduated in 1998 from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chulalongkorn University. His debut artworks often use natural materials, such as rice and silk. His extensive portfolio covers sculptures, installation arts, photographs, improvised arts and videos. His nationally and internationally exhibited works are widely acclaimed for their creativity and distinctiveness. His solo exhibitions include: “Cocoon; the Renaissance” Jim Thompson House, 1993, “New Fashion Order; Dissolution”, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne, Australia, 2005, “Rice/Life, Ever-Presence”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland, 2006. He has also been invited to join in international exhibitions, namely: “The 1st Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale”, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in 1999; “Biennale Internationale Design 2000”, France, 2000; “The 1st Tirana Biennale”, Tirana National Musuem, Albania; “The New Dimension of Asian Art”, the Japan Foundation Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2002; “Dreams and Conflicts”, Thai Pavilion, 50th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale / Venice, Italy, 2003; ARS 06, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland, 2006; “Busan Biennale 2008”, Busan, South Korea; “Jakarta Biennale 2009”, Jakarta, Indonesia; Montri is a recipient of various artist residency and research scholarships, and international awards, such as Young Fashion Designer Award, Bangkok International Fashion, 1999, Japan Foundation Fellowship Program, Japan Foundation (Affiliated with Fukuoka Asian Art Museum) Fukuoka, 2000, Artist in Residence at La Cite des Arts, Paris, 2007, the James H.W. Thompson Foundation Research Grant, Bangkok, 2008. Today Montri lives and works in Kanchanaburi.

Pare Nadda Thanathan

Pare Nadda Thanathan is a young, very dynamic Thai artist, editor and curator. She is still studying in view of obtaining her Master degree form the well known Silapakorn University, after finishing her BFA in Rangsit University. At only 26 she has already acheived several big scale projects including two major solo shows in Bangkok involving human psychology, using mixed media installations in situ. She also was the Editor in chief for the art book “ITYM WAR” gathering 23 members who are designers , writers , painters and photographers. She is presently the lead singer in the Happy Band, alternative rocky band.

Srisakul Amnuaiporn

Srisakul Amnuaiporn is a self taught artist who has discovered the art of cartoon drawing very recently. Since then she is never without her black ballpoint pen, grabing in a few rapid lines all the people evolving around her as well as famous stars and political men from newspapers and magazines. Her huge production of small scale drawings permits her to create installation like gatherings of hundreds of drawings.

Tada Hengsapkul

Tada Hengsapkul has had a camera in his hands since the age of fifteen. This very passionate young Thai photographer uses argentic cameras and video to capture hidden identities of his homeland, Thailand. Topics approached are love, gender, domesticity, and sexuality; these frames are usually shot with available light giving a natural and close relationship to the subject.

Thawatpon Wongboonsiri

Thawatpon Wongboonsiri is a multidisciplinary artist who is mainly a musician. He has recently started to enter the world of visual arts by very naturally painting on objects around him. He finally exhibited some of the pieces at the House RCA in the framework of the Kid Art Exhibition 2010 inaugurating his career as a visual artist.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“What lies within us” A solo exhibition of HARITORN AKARAPAT 29 Sept - 8 Nov 2010

“What lies within us”

A solo exhibition of

29 Sept - 8 Nov 2010

Opening reception 29 Sept 2010 6pm onwards

Exotissimo in partnership with the Toot Yung Gallery are pleased to present What lies within us, a solo exhibition by the renowned Thai artist Haritorn Akarapat. With this new exhibition, Haritorn Akarapat proposes again a surprising “come back” to the Bangkok art scene; returning with a new strength, a new medium: Painting!

Haritorn Akarapat is an established sculptor in Thailand. His work is easily recognizable as he developed a strong identity during his over 20 years career, exploring new ways to approach the bronze and patina techniques. This sudden change of medium has been in the artist’s mind for several years. He was just waiting for it to be ripe as he says with a wide smile.
Akarapat’s long and challenging career is marked by intense periods of activity, usually culminating in a heroic masterpiece or group of master works, followed by startling renewal and rethinking of his subject.

This exhibition proposes to make a parallele between his previous sculpture works and his new paintings. It is a transit showcase of his work in progress. “What lies within us” is an occasion to see how the artist nourishes himself from his previous works to finally come to explore an unknown matter.
His paintings are a passionate explosion. Full of humour, freedom and odd colours...they are refreshing and ironic.The artist focuses on the power and simplicity of subject and the vibrancy of the colors . It is a subtil mirror like response to his latest solo show at Tang Contemporary Art Lapse of Memory. Again exploring the resonances between the pieces of a very numerous serie. As to grab the diversity of life and beings, Akarapat accumulates these distorted faces, skulls and animals with a furious appetite. They are painted intuitively, with quick and spontaneous flashes of bright, transparent colour. He treats the paintings as virtual figurations of theological speculation and vehicles for spiritual meditation. The figurative elements act as a mirror for the observer, the non-figurative elements invite contemplation.

References to buddhist theories, which in the earlier works had been more ambiguous, are more directly emphasised. These works have allowed Akarapat to revisit and excavate the past, pushing his own painterly vocabulary to create works that are fresh and liberated.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Double opening exhibition at Toot Yung Gallery.

Double opening exhibition at Toot Yung Gallery 4 SEPT 2010.

6.30 pm Opening exhibitions:

An exhibition by El Grump & Cloheena Starr
Curated by Nico Leist & Tintin Cooper

In their exhibition ‘Love the Dogs’ conceptual artist couple El Grump and Cloheena Starr reflect about our perception of social environment and belonging. Their works show a deep understanding of the subtle threads that bind our lives together. By using various techniques and media, including textile sculpture, neon lighting, wallpaper and photography, and concentrating on abstract yet real things- dogs, they raise the questions of our very exposure to each other.

A solo exhibition of Marion Delarue

Marion Delarue, student at the Arts Decoratifs of Strasbourg, France, received a scholarship to travel in Thailand and Korea for 6 months to explore the traditional techniques of ceramic, lacquer and glass. She has reinterpreted these ancestral techniques with a contemporary language.Each work is nourrished and inspired by the local Asian culture and everyday gestures of the people.

Cocktail reception in presence of the artists from 6.30 to 8.30 pm

9.00 pm Live music programmed by POPSCENE

• Brown Flying
• Cuckoo
• The Rover
• Local Machine

Starting 6.30 pm live visuals from Freelenser. (Gabriel Camelin, French VJ)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grand Opening Toot Yung Gallery

June 25 2010 6.30pm
19 Prachathipatai Rd.


A solo show of Tawan Wattuya

Toot Yung Gallery is proud to officially open with a solo show of Tawan Wattuya, key figure of Thailand’s contemporary art scene.

“Bimbos, Stars & Super Heroes” will be held in the Toot Yung gallery and the bar/ bookshop “Chez lodin” from June 25 to July 30 2010.

Over the past ten years Wattuya has steadily confirmed the originality of an oeuvre that is simultaneously intuitive and analytical. Tackling subjects such as politics, sexuality, identity, he achieved to hustle most taboos in Thai society. Most of the paintings in this show have never been displayed and come from Tawan Wattuya’s most secret inspirations. “Bimbos, Stars & Super Heroes” is the exploration of an artist confronted to a multifaceted society. Wattuya works from reproductions of found imageries, mostly from internet and through leafing old and new magazines. In his search for inner individuality, Wattuya seems to face up to the appearances of human beings which exert a fascination on the general population. Anonymous porn actors, faded stars and glorious super heroes are the scheme of this search. Through these characters Wattuya mocks the “ideal” human figure.

His paintings explore and question the imprint that these images have on the population. How is this mirror game getting more and more powerful and distorted? It seems that the artist, in his painting process changes the “power and ambition” of the original picture redirecting it to another dimension, another space and time. He gives his “models” a new identity, perhaps more human. He achieves to illustrate both the beauty and the decay of the human body.

On the occasion of this exhibition, T-shirts, underwear, stickers and original prints of Tawan Wattuya’s works will be available.

Exhibition curator: Myrtille Tibayrenc

19 Prachathipatai Rd.
10200 Bangkok
Tel: 0849145499

One opening event, 2 spaces.

In a welcoming environment “Chez LODIN” is an engaged cultural bar, a meeting place dedicated to the promotion of the new Thai artistic scene.

• On the first floor: Coffee shop, bookshop/reading corner in day, wine bar and concert room in the evening. Program: Live Music, writing workshops, poetry readings and video projections.

•On the second floor: the Toot Yung Gallery will focus on works by young Thai and foreign artists and designers.
Program: exhibitions of painting, sculpture, installation, photo, video, object design.