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THE VICIOUS TORTOISES of A CHASTE MAN A solo exhibition of Mathieu Ha 29 October 2010 – 10 Dec 2010

A solo exhibition of Mathieu Ha
29 October 2010 – 10 Dec 2010

Toot Yung Gallery
Opening reception and live Syst aime sound performance on
October 29 starting 7pm at Toot Yung Gallery

Matthieu Ha, a 37-year-old Belgian artist of French-Vietnamese origins, is known to be an atypical artist musician and performer. He has traveled the world as a solo performing artist musician and with his music band the iiiiistes. Mathieu Ha does not sing in words but lets the sounds and the music be what they are and carry the meaning. He is a natural improviser, interacting with sounds around him, experimenting with difficult social contexts and using music truly as a means of communication.

The Toot Yung Gallery is proud to present for the first time his visual art work. “The Vicious Tortoises of a Chaste Man” were born from sketches he made in 2010 during an art residence in France. The Vicious tortoises have a penis in place of a head. They determine the feminine gender in an unidentified tantric act. They are positioned between vice and virtue, between thought and after-thought. These drawings were a revelation to Mathieu Ha. It is as if, by magic, he was transformed into these tortoises. This matter led him to take a vow of chastity for eight months. After analysing the sketches, at the end of the period of chastity, he concluded that he must marry himself.

hand made book-silkscreen on paper with leather cover- 2010

Confirming his original attitude, he has called a press conference to claim the right to marry with himself. Matthieu Ha believes that, with the current global spiritual crisis, a marriage with oneself is a solid initiative that can contribute to global peace and advance humanity. The artist will explain the reasons that led him to the decision at a press conference to be held at the BKK ARTHOUSE gallery (21-10-2010 at 6:00 pm) during which he will expose his Bangkok Peace Manifesto.

Mathieu Ha is currently living in Bangkok in view of his big music and arts festival BANGK(zero)k which will take place from 18 to 25 December 2010.

The proceeds of the sale of his works during the show at the Toot Yung Gallery will benefit the Bangk(Zero)K Festival in which international and local musicians, performers, writers and artists will participate. For this occasion the Toot Yung Gallery will propose very accessible art works by Mathieu Ha, transforming the gallery in a concept store.

silkscreen on paper-2010-A3

silkscreen on paper-2010-A3

For further information please contact:

Myrtille Tibayrenc
Toot Yung Gallery
0849145499 -
19 Prchathipatai Rd. Baanphanthom
Khet Phra NakhonBangkok 10200

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