Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grand Opening Toot Yung Gallery

June 25 2010 6.30pm
19 Prachathipatai Rd.


A solo show of Tawan Wattuya

Toot Yung Gallery is proud to officially open with a solo show of Tawan Wattuya, key figure of Thailand’s contemporary art scene.

“Bimbos, Stars & Super Heroes” will be held in the Toot Yung gallery and the bar/ bookshop “Chez lodin” from June 25 to July 30 2010.

Over the past ten years Wattuya has steadily confirmed the originality of an oeuvre that is simultaneously intuitive and analytical. Tackling subjects such as politics, sexuality, identity, he achieved to hustle most taboos in Thai society. Most of the paintings in this show have never been displayed and come from Tawan Wattuya’s most secret inspirations. “Bimbos, Stars & Super Heroes” is the exploration of an artist confronted to a multifaceted society. Wattuya works from reproductions of found imageries, mostly from internet and through leafing old and new magazines. In his search for inner individuality, Wattuya seems to face up to the appearances of human beings which exert a fascination on the general population. Anonymous porn actors, faded stars and glorious super heroes are the scheme of this search. Through these characters Wattuya mocks the “ideal” human figure.

His paintings explore and question the imprint that these images have on the population. How is this mirror game getting more and more powerful and distorted? It seems that the artist, in his painting process changes the “power and ambition” of the original picture redirecting it to another dimension, another space and time. He gives his “models” a new identity, perhaps more human. He achieves to illustrate both the beauty and the decay of the human body.

On the occasion of this exhibition, T-shirts, underwear, stickers and original prints of Tawan Wattuya’s works will be available.

Exhibition curator: Myrtille Tibayrenc

19 Prachathipatai Rd.
10200 Bangkok
Tel: 0849145499

One opening event, 2 spaces.

In a welcoming environment “Chez LODIN” is an engaged cultural bar, a meeting place dedicated to the promotion of the new Thai artistic scene.

• On the first floor: Coffee shop, bookshop/reading corner in day, wine bar and concert room in the evening. Program: Live Music, writing workshops, poetry readings and video projections.

•On the second floor: the Toot Yung Gallery will focus on works by young Thai and foreign artists and designers.
Program: exhibitions of painting, sculpture, installation, photo, video, object design.