Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Double opening exhibition at Toot Yung Gallery.

Double opening exhibition at Toot Yung Gallery 4 SEPT 2010.

6.30 pm Opening exhibitions:

An exhibition by El Grump & Cloheena Starr
Curated by Nico Leist & Tintin Cooper

In their exhibition ‘Love the Dogs’ conceptual artist couple El Grump and Cloheena Starr reflect about our perception of social environment and belonging. Their works show a deep understanding of the subtle threads that bind our lives together. By using various techniques and media, including textile sculpture, neon lighting, wallpaper and photography, and concentrating on abstract yet real things- dogs, they raise the questions of our very exposure to each other.

A solo exhibition of Marion Delarue

Marion Delarue, student at the Arts Decoratifs of Strasbourg, France, received a scholarship to travel in Thailand and Korea for 6 months to explore the traditional techniques of ceramic, lacquer and glass. She has reinterpreted these ancestral techniques with a contemporary language.Each work is nourrished and inspired by the local Asian culture and everyday gestures of the people.

Cocktail reception in presence of the artists from 6.30 to 8.30 pm

9.00 pm Live music programmed by POPSCENE

• Brown Flying
• Cuckoo
• The Rover
• Local Machine

Starting 6.30 pm live visuals from Freelenser. (Gabriel Camelin, French VJ)

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